This is an index for the Blended Essences, with a summary about the key aspects of each Essence (the essence of the Essence).

Inspiration Flowers


Awareness Flowers

SP1 Anemone Opening of potential
SP11 Daffodil - Actaea Clarity and attunement
SP12 Daffodil - King Alfred Enjoyment, verve, creativity
SP13 Daffodil - White Broadening of experience
SP27 Plum Enthusiasm to continue


Balance Flowers

SP10 Crab Apple Enjoy one's true worth
SP26 Pansy - Joker Face sensitive issues
SP33 Snowflake Clear and courageous
SU11 Forget-Me-Not Evolve sub-personalities
SU14 Honesty Acting with integrity


Energy Flowers

SP28 Polyanthus Connected to inner glow
SP36 Tulip Opening channel upwards
SU20 Lily of the Valley Bush Connection to gridwork of light
SU26 Poppy Receiving and transmitting light
SU27 Ranunculus Unfolding energy into infinity


Growth Flowers

SP17 Gentian (violet) Connectedness of life
SU12 Fuchsia (red) Centre consciousness in higher dimensions
SU21 Lobelia (blue) Centred and in control of emotions
SU23 Marigold (orange) Illness is communication
SU36 St John's Wort (yellow) Health is a state of balance and harmony (green is incorporated in the stems)


Guidance Flowers

SP8 Cherry Blossom Serenity and joy
SP9 Clematis Flourish in the present
SP22 Magnolia - Star Attunement to higher realms
SP25 Pansy Rested and balanced
SP35 Star of Bethlehem Peace, well-being, joy


Harmony Flowers

SP40 Winter Rose Inner peace, staying in own energy
SU9 Dogwood Opening the heart centre
SU10 Evening Primrose Fineness of awareness
SU28 Rock Rose Perfect love casts out fear
SU35 Spiraea Abundance, growth and aliveness


Inspiration Flowers

SP5 Camellia - Pink Grow with comfort
SP6 Camellia - Red Claiming sovereignty
SP7 Camellia - White Orderly lifestyle
SP24 Maple Positive emotions and behaviour
SU22 Lungwort Everything happening for highest good


Life PathFlowers

SU7 Chrysanthemum Live with sense of purpose and direction
SU8 Columbine Approach change with adventure and challenge
SU15 Iris View life from higher perspective
SU16 Jasmine Using higher mind in ordinary reality
SU25 Periwinkle Higher, complete and positive thoughts


Openness Flowers

SP19 Hyacinth Grace, openness, gentleness
SP21 Magnolia Acceptance of inner depths
SP23 Magnolia - White Flowering of femininity
SP31 Rhododendron - Red Power of sensitivity and openness
SP39 Weeping Prunus Softening of femininity


Relief Flowers

RE Relief Flowers, comprising:
RE1 Dog-Toothed Violet Injury - energy to heal
RE2 Foxglove Illness - regulate and strengthen
RE3 Pig Squeak BFtrayal - trust own experience
RE4 Pussy Willow Grief - comforting and nurturing
RE5 Tiger Lily Stress - soothe and calm


Transformation Flowers

SU29 Rose - Blue Moon Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love
SU30 Rose - Peace Peace brings love and safety
SU31 Rose - Pristine Forgiveness recognises there was no sin
SU32 Rose - Superstar Appearances deceive, reality is changeless
SU33 Rose - The World In the real world you see yourself as truth


Trust Flowers

SP4 Camellia - Double Anticipation of change
SP20 Japonica Straightforward and honest
SP29 Primrose Develop true image
SP30 Rhododendron - Pink Present oneself clearly
SU39 Wallflower Discovering life purpose