Flower Essences are used to help transform emotions, attitudes and patterns of behaviour which hinder the person's full development or potential.

The Summer Essences are for spiritual growth and transformation.

For Each Flower Essence there is a negative mental state, followed by a transformative key, and the positive outcome.

Indications for Spiritual Growth

Whereas for the Spring Flowers, the indications have a negative condition treated, then a transformative key and a positive outcome, for the Summer Flowers, there is no negative condition to treat. The indications usually include a statement about the stage of spiritual growth that the Flower Essence represents, and then a more general statement about the result or outcome of this stage.

SU02bleedingheartBleeding Heart is "for releasing of emotional attachment and letting go of the past, so that one is no longer attached at an emotional level to people, events, experiences and outcomes." The more general statement for this essence is "assists one to stay neutral, remain open and loving, allow external events to flow, and maintain a centre of peace, harmony and inner joy."

You can also see from this indication that there is information about spiritual growth in general, even if you do not wish to take this particular Flower Essence. The issue may be more acute if someone is held back by emotional attachment or attachment to the past, but most people would like to learn to become more neutral and centred, with inner peace, harmony and joy.

The Bleeding Heart Flower Essence is also an example of how the indications for the Christchurch Flower Essences are more on a spiritual plane than was the case for some of the earlier Flower Essences. For example, an earlier version of the Bleeding Heart was for "releasing emotional attachments, letting love exist in freedom; for those who are overly-identified, clinging and possessive with those they love; helpful when experiencing the breakup of a relationship.".

The Christchurch Flower Essence does encompass all of these issues, but goes further, to also include learning from the situation, growing further because of it, and then using what you have learned to further your own spiritual growth.

Opening and Unfolding

SP01anemoneSP02azaleaWhereas the Spring Flowers begin with Anemone, for "beginning to open and unfold" and Azalea, for "discovering and expressing one's wholeness", the Summer Flowers also have a gradual progression of states of consciousness.


SU01arumlilyThe first Summer Flower is Arum Lily, "for an unfolding at one's self-worth, so that one can discover one's inner truth, and honour one's deepest feelings". It can be used to "enable one to stand by one's deepest truth and validate one's own beliefs and experiences, acting with dignity and power."


SU03busylizzieAmong the next few Summer Flowers are Busy Lizzie, "for when one has made a quantum leap in personal development, and is impatient to bring one's own personality, body, emotions and attitudes up to the same level".


SU04buttercupButtercup is "for knowing the true value of one's gifts, and accepting who one really is, so that one can appreciate, validate and support oneself. These can lead to the situation where one can work with situations as energy, and live in the higher flow, moving forwards easily and effortlessly while asserting one's power and self-worth with strength, humility and compassion."

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This is a list of the Summer Essences, with recommendations about the situations where they can be used, and the responses that may occur.

The photographs can be used to help with attunement to the Flowers.

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This is an index for the Summer Essences, with a summary about the key aspects of each Essence (the essence of the Essence).

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