This Blended Essence has a calming and stabilising effect on the body, mind and emotions during crises. It will quickly address fear, panic, stress and shock, then help to consolidate the improvement, and later to resolve any outstanding issues.



This is a list of the flowers in the Relief Essence, with information about each of them.

These Flower Essences work synergistically, and they are only available as a blend, in the form of the Relief Essence.

The photographs can be used to help with attunement to the Flowers.

RE01dogtoothedvioletDog-Toothed Violet

For injury, to assist with the energy to heal oneself.

In the short term, to deal with the confusion, pain and powerlessness that is incurred.
In the medium term, to provide an umbrella to help give the energy to heal oneself.
In the long term, to help with an overview so one can gain an inner wisdom from the experience.


For illness, to regulate and strengthen the body and mind.

For situations of physical illness, associated with weakness and despair, a disheartened state. To help elevate the mind, and regulate and strengthen the body, working hand-in-hand with other remedies.

RE03pigsqueakPig Squeak

For situations of betrayal, to help one trust one's own experience.

For when one finds oneself unwillingly embroiled in other's emotional issues, and the feeling of confusion, bewilderment and betrayal that can be engendered. To enable one to trust one's own inner experience and guidance, so that one can be uncompromising in one's own actions, and immune to the false opinions of others.

RE04pussywillowPussy Willow

For grief, to comfort and nurture.

For situations of grief, loss and despair, and to help soften life's harsh experiences. Helps to provide a cocoon of comforting and nurturing, and lead towards a state of acceptance and hope.

RE05tigerlilyTiger Lily

For stress, to soothe and calm the body and mind.

For when one is overwhelmed by the stress and speed of everyday life, often presenting as irritability and an aimless hurriedness, or later as anxiety, cowardliness and depression. Helps to soothe and calm the body and mind, so that one can spot the root causes of the distress and deal with those at their core. Later, to develop a more laid-back and discerning attitude to one's responsibilities and commitments, allowing one to draw the line between work, play and time out.

These Essences are only used in combination with each other.


This is an index for the Relief Essence, with a summary about the key aspects of each Essence (the essence of the Essence).

These Flower Essences work synergistically, and they are only available as a blend, in the form of the Relief Essence.

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