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These creams each contain a Christchurch Blended Essence, an essential oil, and three homeopathic remedies in low potency (3X).

The creams are Skin Harmony Cream (for skin conditions), and  Trauma Relief Cream (for injuries and trauma).

Sal Balance Cream, Sole Life Path Cream, and Wart Awareness Cream can be used on the feet.

They should not be used on broken skin.

If your skin problem is severe or does not improve, please see your health practitioner.

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Sal Balance Cream contains 2% salicylic acid, and can be...
Skin Harmony Cream can be used on any area of irritated...
Sole Life Path Cream is a stronger version of Sal Balance...
Trauma Relief Cream can be used on any area of injury,...
Wart Awareness Cream can be used to treat warts.
This in an oral version of the Wart Awareness Cream.